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Elvis' universal fame and ubiquity as a pop icon sometimes tends to obscure the very thing that started it all: The music: the voice: the feeling. Before he was Elvis, the King, he was Elvis, a singer. That voice is a direct link from his soul to yours.

A List of Every Elvis Song Recorded

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Elvis Presley Superstar
Great library of Real Audio / Video files of the King. Many concerts from rare "import" CD's.

Elvis bootlegs
Tremendous selection of both official and unofficial MP3's of your favorite Elvis music. In this section you'll find news on forthcomming releases, and information/reviews of already released bootlegs. Bootlegs are sorted after labels, years, alphabet and soundboards.

Elvis Presley Pages
Large Netherlands-based site with Elvis audio and much more.

First German Elvis Pages
This comprehensive Elvis site has a huge multimedia section with a lots of Elvis music.

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Radio Elvis

Elvis on The Air
Steve Christopher's Elvis radio show

Elvis Only.com
Jay Gorden's weekly all Elvis radio show